Installment Loans vs Revolving Loans: Discussed

Many individuals believe that debt is a dirty word; well that’s not the case. It often turns out to be a profitable financial tool if used wisely. It can help you buy plots, cars or even pay your child’s school / college fees. However, for individuals who are unable to use it wisely, it acts as a black hole, sucking every last drop of money you have. It will also have an impact on your credit score. Fortunately, you have various options when it comes to borrowing cash. We will be discussing about 2 of these options: Revolving loans and installment loans online alternative option to payday loans.

Revolving Credit Loan

A revolving credit is more open ended as compared to an installment loan. Credit card and lines of credit fall under this category. In such forms of credit you must set a credit limit. This is done to ensure that you don’t sink in a pool of credit.

However, the interest rates are quite high. This is the price you have to pay for this flexibility. Rates vary from ten percent to more than 20 percent. The interest rates may increase in the bills are not cleared duly. It is quite easy to get approved for a revolving credit. Individuals with a bad credit score can also apply.

Installment Loan

Installment Loans are generally availed at the time of buying a property or a car. This calls for bigger purchases over a predefined time for repayment. These loans are to be taken for specific amounts. At the time of taking the loan, you will know what sum you will have to pay monthly and for how long. These work into your budget quite easily. Their interest rates generally range from about five to seven percent.

Installment loans can be categorized into two types, namely:

Unsecured Loans: These loans are a bit risky to the bank itself as there is no collateral involved, hence, the high interest rates. This loans are approved based only on your credit score and reputation.

Secured Loans: These are loans that are linked to a collateral of some sort. May be a car or even a house. These collaterals can be confiscated in the event that you are unable to pay the loan with in the scheduled time period. The interest rates for secured loans are much lower as compared to unsecured loans. Home equity installment loans are an example of secured loans.

Borrowing Money? An Installment Loan Might Be the Better Option

When times are tough, installment loans might as well act as an effective buffer. These days, such tough times arise more often than none. This is due to the excess pressure due to which the economy has buckled.

Many individuals are losing their jobs and for those who aren’t, what they are getting is just enough to get by. This is why at the time of emergencies or maybe when they have a profitable offer in hand, they have hardly anything left. These instances can come along any day, any time without any prior warning of any sort.

Don’t Fear, here’s a solution

Well, you don’t need to worry about such instances any longer. Installment loans are a solution to all your problems. It’s quite similar to that of a payday loan, i.e. an individual can take a loan and he or she can pay it back before the next pay day.

The only difference between them lies in the fact that in case of a pay day, the entire debt needs to be cleared at once where as in this case you can clear the debt in several installments. This installment feature give it an edge over the other forms of loan as it becomes quite difficult for individuals to clear the whole debt at once.

No Credit Check

There is absolutely no credit check when it comes to pay day loans as well as installment loans. In various forms of loan, it is often seen that the company that is lending grants a loan only to those individuals who have a good credit ranking or can offer some sort of collateral. This shatters the hopes of those individuals who desperately need the sum but are in no position to offer collateral. Under such circumstances, an installment loan ought to fit the cause. One can pay back in this case quite easily because the debt needs to be cleared in installments and not the whole sum at once. The interest’s rates are quite less as well.

How quickly can you get your loan?

One can get such installment loans in a matter of minutes or maybe hours at times. Getting such a loan is too damming easy. You won’t even have to encounter long queues or go through several procedures to ensure that you are eligible for the loan or not. One doesn’t need to go through any sort of credit check for such loans.

Installment loans are the kinds of loans which are paid by borrowers to lenders over a certain period of time. This repayment of the loan is done within a definite number of payments. These payments also have to be made on a date and time that has been designated by lenders. Failure to provide the money to lenders at or within a designated point of time may have its consequences, the severity of which his entirely dependent on the discretion of lenders of the money.


Generally it has been seen that a minimum of two payments are given for the loan which has been taken by a person. The term for which a certain sum of money has been loaned to a person varies to great extents. The term for which a loan has been given may be as less as a few months or as long as 30 years. A mortgage can be designated under this classification of installment loans.


The term of a loan is most commonly associated with that of terms provided to people for the different kinds of back dated loans for consumers. These loans are usually local in their origin and are repaid to lenders over a period of time with help from most regular of payments upon the principal (money which has been actually taken on loan) and an amount of money charged as interest on it.


Different installment loans have often been considered to be relatively safe over other kinds of loans which a person may take in order to complete certain activities requiring monetary assistance. These loans are considered to be quite affordable over pay per day loans or the loans involving use of title deeds. Also these loans are considered to be better alternatives to the use of the open ended credits.


Government of the United States of America and certain other countries prevented the ruination of families of different service personnel by exempting certain installment loans from legislation. The main aim of this kind of action was to bring an end to different kinds of harmful and useless credits and protect the access to different credits which was useful to people all over the country.

The periodic payment of this kind of loan can be calculated with the help of a mortgage formula. Installment loans are taken for various purposes by people; some loans are taken for educational purposes and some for building of a dream house or buying a dream car for oneself. Installment loans have come across as a boon for people who did could not pursue what they desired to achieve with limited resources.